About William


TV Producer

Starting as a Production Assistant in 2007 Mr. Oaks has developed a career in Television focusing on a wide range of show styles. He has been a part of producing teams for ABC Family, BET, Bravo, CBS, and OWN to name a few. It is his joy to be a part of the creative process of producing content for audiences around the world. 


Artist & Athlete

Credited by SAG-AFTRA for performance work in a Netflix series, William studied dance throughout his academic years and continued his movement focus in NYC in 2005. He has studied several dance forms including Ballet, Modern, and Tap but tends to focus on global styles of the African Diaspora. Also very experienced with the combat styles of Capoeira and Fencing. He has a passion for Producing and Directing movement based content for camera. 


Production Supervisor

By identifying event needs and client objectives, William supervises productions from pre-production through final delivery. This process involves, contract negotiation, budget creation/monitoring , and the vetting of legality and logistics involved with producing a show. He often times acts as a Fixer to International Organizations looking to produce content in the US.